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SIG Annual Report 2020.

SIG is a leading systems and solutions provider for aseptic packaging. Last year the company published a hybrid report with a small online magazine, reduced online information and most of the content as PDF. The new format is a full HTML report. nexxar supported SIG as design and consulting agency.

The Annual Report 2020 convinces with a clear design, the use of animations and infographics, targeted navigation offers and varied presentation forms that make content easily accessible.

The stage video on the landing page welcomes the user to the world of SIG and sets the scene for the business. The page itself provides an overview of the fiscal year, offers direct access to the report and teases the magazine. Three exciting magazine pages report textually, with infographics, images and videos, on the added value SIG creates for customers and consumers, for our planet and communities. With this focus, the magazine is closely linked to the business model.


Based on the IIRC Model, the newly conceptualized business model shows SIG’s value creation. Using a tab system, it presents the company’s key figures on four dimensions (people, environment, financial and operation) and provides information on the company’s core activities.

The interactive world map gives a detailed overview on SIG’s geographic presence and links the company’s locations with the regional key figures. A very elegant solution!

Optimised navigation

A special page that can be accessed from every report page via the service bar is the dashboard. It presents the central facts, the most important key figures for the reporting year, and background information on the company at a glance. In this way, it does two things: on the one hand, it strengthens the company profile, and on the other, with its numerous deep links, it serves as a quick navigation tool.

To enable users to quickly access the information that is most relevant to them, the report offers not only the classic top navigation but also a filter function that allows to navigate through the report by topic. Accessible at any time via the report header, an additional window opens up offering a list of keywords that can be combined to obtain more specific results. Additionally, it also suggests further links that help users explore the report.

Content presentation

The SIG report is a very successful example of how annual reports do not only have to include dry, unappealing text deserts. The content pages are structured by subheadings and enhanced by highlight key figures, facts, quotes, info boxes, graphics or photos. These different formats make it easier for the user to quickly comprehend the content.

Another example of the presentation of large and formally uniform content is the Board of Directors and Executive Board page. Instead of a long page with many biographies one after the other, the SIG report presents them with the help of individual portraits, to each of which the biographies can be unfolded.

Overall, a very successful report that takes SIG reporting to the next level!