Interactive Elements in Online Sustainability Reports.

The use of interactive features in online reports provides a welcome change to the user and increases the awareness for individual report topics.

Interactive elements are often used to contrast with the predominant amount of text in online sustainability reports. The implementation of interactive maps or infographics, for example, offers users a welcome change and increases the awareness for individual report topics. For better illustration, we’ve picked three best practice examples of interactive features in sustainability reports.

ArcelorMittal: How we create value

ArcelorMittal uses an interactive infographic to show how value is created for their stakeholders. By clicking on the elements of the graphic, the user can find out more about the different stages of their value chain. Additionally, the infographic is linked on the corresponding pages of the online report, allowing users to return to the interactive element whenever they want.

Shell Miniworld

Shell - Our businesses

For the Shell online sustainability report, we integrated an animation of the Shell business model. Based on the 3D template of the printed report, the dynamic of the business model is clearly illustrated through movement of the graphical elements and mouseover information.

Legal & General: Investments map

Legal & General Investments map

The investments map of L&G in their corporate responsibility report shows the L&G infrastructure investments and L&G employee offices throughout the UK. Clicking one of the L&G symbols enlarges the map to show the chosen area in detail, providing users with intuitive and quick orientation.


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