DRC Special | Using Push Reporting to communicate your digital report

Speaking from experience: How to communicate your digital report with a successful Push Reporting campaign.

Companies take an enormous effort to produce their reports. But as soon as they are published, stakeholders are expected to find the reports themselves. No other comparable cost-intensive product would be communicated so little. Judith Rahner, Senior Manager Corporate Responsibility Communications at Merck Group, shares some insights on how to actively communicate a digital report.*

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Judith Rahner, Senior Manager Corporate Responsibility Communications

What makes your Push Reporting campaigns successful? Were you able to increase your reach?

The success of a push campaign strongly depends on the content that you present and on a thorough selection of the target groups. Somehow trivial to say that it needs to be attractive and stand out from the crowd. In our case it was the story-telling approach for the magazine of our report that brought us to the idea to promote these topics to new target audiences – beyond classical stakeholders. This year we conducted the third push reporting campaign in a row and were able to significantly increase the reach – by around seven times in the first two campaigns. Now with the Covid situation the reach was lower. But for sure that´s an effect we anticipated.

What is the potential of Push Reporting in the future?

We can increasingly leverage the content available in the reports to reach new target groups. Besides communication activities on own channels paid advertising can be used to increase the reach.

Summarise in one sentence what companies should know about Push Reporting.

Create cool content, reserve some budget for a campaign, plan it early on by preparing the messages as well as appealing assets and carefully select the target groups – that´s it.

What can the DRC participants learn in your talk for their own professional life?

They can get insight into a hands-on approach to raise attention for sustainability topics among general audiences.


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