Shell Online Reports 2011.

Focus on the user-journey as sum of all parts.

This year we focused on improving the user experience on the entire reporting channel. The idea is to more and more establish the online media as independent reporting media that focus on the strength of web communication: Search, Multimedia, Cross-Linking and Interactivity.

Reporting Home

For the 2011 reports we introduced an independent reporting homepage that provides guidance for all available Shell reports and explains the key advantages the online reporting provides. As a special feature all reports are searchable in one query from this page. The results are highlighted with relevance per report.

Fast Facts Layer

The fast facts layer explains in a visual appealing way the key facts about Shell. Eight key aspects ranging from business to reserves are explained through use of multimedia, interactive charting, typographical and visual elements. All eight facts offer a deep link into the Annual Report and Form 20-F for further reading.

Interactive world map of Shell interest

Together with Esri – the leading provider for geographic information systems – we developed an interactive solution for the Shell interests around the globe embedded into the online Investors’ Handbook. Users can zoom into the regional maps, gather detailed information on Shell projects on-click or open the full world map in a new browser window. The possible zoom levels are amazing, ranging from a world overview to a close-up view of rivers and streets.


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