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nexxar’s log on published reports.

And yet another week went by at nexxar! Somehow the end of the high reporting season is looming over but we still feel like we barely got started. It’s always a funny feeling. In the end it has been an extremely prolific week indeed as we’re still at full throttle. Needless to say, there’s a few more reports coming up so keep watching this space!

March 16

Triodos – Integrated Report 2017

Triodos are a very unique client who keeps entrusting us with the creation of their Online Annual Report, which also combines Sustainability and CSR elements aiming for a more “integrated” approach so they can report more in-depth on the impact of their activity in the widest sense possible. The report includes an embedded CEO video on the landing page and an in-depth impact chapter which also includes a case studies overview section with stories that are extremely easy to identify with.

March 20

Essity – Annual and Sustainability Report 2017

Essity, formerly part of SCA, have entrusted us with both their annual and sustainability reports in one combined report for this year. To this end, the new design and programming are a reflection of this new approach and they honour all the important changes that have occurred within the organization with a landing page that looks inviting, smart and bright. The business model and value-creating strategy sections have been changed accordingly with very positive results. One definite highlight would be the CEO video as this is the first time they include one.

March 21

ABB – Annual Report 2017

Our client ABB is a pioneering technology leader and we are well aware that they are currently “writing” the future of industrial digitalization with their value proposition. For this year’s Annual Report ABB wanted us to further expand on last year’s approach with overall improved navigation features. Same as last year, the scrolling progress bar enhances navigation and facilitates the natural flow of information. ABB’s involvement in Formula E is also reflected in this year’s image selection. All in all we are always proud to partner up with ABB in the name of innovation!

March 23

Galápagos – Annual Report 2017

This year Galápagos have once again opted to work with nexxar using our Online First approach. For the new Annual Report we have come up with a new homepage with a very clean design. There’s an excellent use of storytelling in the form of a slider. All in all communication is key and the messages are delivered in a brief and clear manner. There’s a focus on innovation, research and development to reflect what has been a banner year for Galápagos. Another novelty would be that they now also report on the corporate social responsibility – for what they have a very neat overview.

Text: Daniel Gallar


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