Connecting website & report.

Make your report visible.

Corporate reports contain exclusive and detailed information which is highly relevant for the company’s stakeholder. Nonetheless reports are often “invisible” – in social media, but also on the corporate website.

The corporate website is a major “door opener” for a digital report. Most report users will access an online report through the corporate website. That’s why it’s important to make your online report and its specific content visible on your corporate website. adidas shows how to do this in a perfect way:

Example: Landing page

adidas corporate website annual report

The landing page of the corporate website shows the key visual of the online report and promotes it in a prominent way.

Examples: IR section

The IR sections starts with an overview of key figures on the FY 2019. The visual teaser is a direct link to the online report.

adidas corporate website annual report

Links from your corporate website (and other digital communication channels) should not only direct you to the landing page of your online annual report. Deep linking means linking to specific content pages of an annual or sustainability report. adidas has found a lot of possibilities to do exactly that. In the right panel of in the IR and sustainability section, users will find teasers to subpages of the online report, like the Dashboard 2019 the chapter on Our share or the interactive Chart Generator.