Best practice in digital reporting.

Highlights from our 2015 reporting season.

Cascading Fast Facts

The SwissRe Report Suite 2015 uses a cascading fast facts approach on the landing pages to sum up key developments of the current reporting period. Kept short in length and with impressive and impactful imagery the key messages are presented in a scrolling waterfall-style. The layout and content also adjusts responsively to all screen dimensions.


Digital Storytelling

With the World of METRO Cash & Carry this year’s METRO Annual Report provides a great example for digital story telling. Celebrating 50 years of METRO’s Cash & Carry sales division, the publication offers intuitive scroll, tab and slider navigation elements which allow users to explore 26 country stories around the globe. In addition to portraying five passionate employees from Germany, France, Poland, Russia and China, the online publication is full of helpful travel information such as hotel and restaurant tips, country-specific travel etiquette tips and information regarding METRO’s company activites in the respective regions. Emphasis was placed on a strong visual appearance and engaging user experience – full-screen photography with parallax-effects and useful crosslinks, such as Google Maps links which supplement the hotel and restaurant tips.


Moving Image

The use of multimedia adds significant value in terms of impact and engagement when shaping reports for the digital consumption. Embedded video stories within the KION Annual Report 2014 tell their “We keep the world moving” story using the visual impact of moving image. The magazine section of the report includes eight video stories which were produced exclusively for the 2014 Annual Report.


Interactive Information Design

The Linde Groups’ Online Corporate Responsibility Report 2014 is a great example of how to use web technology to make the user journey easier and more intuitive. Directly on the landing page we implemented an interactive visual depiction of Linde’s value chain. Tabs for raw materials, production, transport, customers and waste disposal visualise the main challenges and achievements. The individual elements are clickable and link to more detailed information in the CR and AR report, as well as to the corporate website and selective embedded videos.



Five years in five minutes, that’s the idea behind the ProSiebenSat1. Growth Story – a masterpiece in digital reporting.


Reporting Home

The Shell Reporting Home provides a web-specific framework around the annually published reporting suite. Teaser panels provide introductory overviews on relevant topics, which then link to the respective sections of the reports for more detailed information. The search tool is also a highlight and useful feature, which allows searches across all three offered reports at once.


Interactive Map

A very clever way of effectively increasing user experience of online reports is to include established web technology. The site locator included in the Wacker Online Annual Report 2014 implements Google Maps and provides a visual overview of WACKER’s production and sale sites around the world.


Chart Generator – Overview Page

To further enhance usability of our well-known Key Figure Comparison tool we developed an overview page which provides a quick look at all provided categories of available data for the BASF Online Report 2014.



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