Usage of Responsive Design for Corporate Reports.

More and more Online Annual Reports are using Responsive Design.

The number of mobile web users is growing. More and more companies aim to meet the increasing demand for smartphones and tablet adequate reporting. In the past, some companies offered a mobile version of certain parts of their desktop website. This approach, however, required a different communication concept as well as independent maintenance. A new responsive design approach now solves this considerable hurdle by using the same source of information for both, the desktop and the mobile website.

By means of adaptive layouts, webpages are automatically adjusted to the available browser size, without the need for an additional mobile version. When accessed through a mobile device, the size of graphics, pictures and texts is rearranged according to the size of the display; the navigation is replaced with a mobile menu, and tables are prepared in a way that they can easily be read on smartphones.

Twelvefold increase in usage

Responsive design now acts as icebreaker for mobile optimised websites, not only for corporate websites, but, with a little time-lag, also for corporate reports. nexxar analysed the usage of Responsive Design in a total of 224 listed corporations among the international big-cap indices. While in 2012, this technology was only applied in 1.2 percent of all analysed reports, the number has now increased to 14.3 percent.

Share of online reports using responsive design
Share of online reports using responsive design (bar chart)
Source: nexxar research 2013 on online reports (n=259)

For more information on how to best meet these requirements, we are happy to provide to you our new case study on mobile reporting via email.

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