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Best practice examples of landing pages in online annual reports.

In an ideal world a “classic” landing page of an annual report should fulfil three major tasks: it should present the company and report identity, it should offer call to actions to the report contents and it should offer an overview about the fiscal year. However, there are also “alternative” approaches. In this post we show some examples from current online reports.

Bayer Online Annual Report 2016

This waterfall page of the Bayer Online Annual Report 2016 stands out with animated and interactive elements as well as multimedia and magazine content. We also like the conceptual link from the key visual to the lead topic “digital farming”.

Merck Online Annual Report 2016

Merck presents a good and engaging example for a parallax scrolling page with animated elements. We also like the idea of the hausInvest Annual Report: On the landing page of the real estate company, users feel like being in an elevator.

Bayer Online Annual Report 2016

We have not seen this in a digital report so far: Scout24 is presenting a 360° video of the CEO & CFO on the landing page of the Annual Report. In general background videos are among the biggest trends for landing pages of the 2016 online reports. See for example the digital reports from Rezidor and Telecom Italia.

HHLA Online Annual Report 2016

In the HHLA report an interactive wheel provides a quick reporting overview and offers links to more specific reporting contents. The full-screen background photos create an immediate association with the maritime industry business.

Telefonica Online Annual Report 2016

Telefonica is also using a gamification approach, where users need to “catch” the people passing through to dive deeper into their individual stories.

Telekom Online Report 2016

Another gamification approach can be found in the Sustainability Report 2016 of Telekom: Users are encouraged to answer short quiz questions in order to receive more information and direct links to the relevant chapters.


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