Into the New.

Clariant Integrated Report 2020.

Clariant AG is again presenting an enhanced reporting concept this year, taking the Integrated Report 2020 to a new level. It is all about transformation, dynamics, interconnectivity and transparency.

The world is changing faster than ever. Clariant is part of that change. That is why the report “Into the new” has a clear focus on transformation. This is reflected by the key visual: it consists of animated, constantly reshaping particles that symbolize change, but also different dynamics. It can be found on the stages of the landing page and the magazine or is included in central infographics – wherever the focus is on development, interrelationships, reactions or interactions.

Business Model

The business model offers a detailed overview of the company’s multidimensional approach to value creation and forms the core of the publication. Over the last few years, Clariant has continuously developed the presentation of the Business Model, making excellent use of the digital possibilities. This year, the model has been completely rethought. The result is innovative and so far we have not seen it like this in any other report.

With the help of scrollytelling, the user is taken on a journey and guided through the various steps, processes and results of Clariant’s value creation. Instead of a clickable infographic that gives the user the order of exploration, the content here builds up linearly by scrolling. A special added value: In the individual sections there are further links or interactive infographics that contain further information. As an alternative to scrolling, the user can also navigate directly to individual steps via an overview infographic.


The magazine includes three change-maker stories. Each story is linked to the relevant SDGs. The comprehensive stories are told in different ways – with static or interactive infographics, which can also be used as navigation elements to guide through the page, and with highlight figures, videos or photos. Each story also includes individual employee perspectives. This personal approach is supported by short video loops of the protagonists, which replace the classic static photos and are true eye-catchers. With the help of these different elements, the stories are told in an interesting way and the suspense is maintained.

Infographics & Features

With the help of infographics, Clariant explains complex relationships or creates quick overviews, as with the interactive materiality matrix. It links the relevant topics with the corresponding report pages and thus creates even more transparency.

The report is rounded off by a filter function that allows the user to navigate thematically based on keywords (such as strategy, people or financial performance). The user also benefits from a Chart Generator.

Push Reporting

In order to promote the report and increase the number of visits, Clariant relies on targeted report communication with animated GIFs, Quote Cards or Fact Cards. Already five days before Go Live, the company opened the countdown in its own Linkedin Channel and on the day of release Clariant published an animated GIF to announce the Go Live.

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