Ideas for your online CR report.

We always aim to bring our clients’ reports to the next level. To be always on top it is necessary to have fresh ideas and solutions at hand when you need them.

Value chain and global impacts

Nike spent a lot of effort in creating an impressive value chain for their products. Their responsibility report is full of interesting ideas and examples where they show coherencies between their products and their environmental impacts.


World map

Let’s stay with Nike. They also created a massive interactive map about their global manufacturing with an enormous amount of information like number of factories, workers and their average age, stake of female employees, migrants and much more. Not only for the whole group, but even broken down by countries and single properties.


Waterfall pages

Actually this approach is not totally new and we have already presented lots of great examples for waterfall pages in our lab recently, like The world of Metro Cash & Carry and one of our latest reports, the Wacker Chemie AG Sustainability Report 2013/2014. While these two examples work with full-screen emotional imagery, I would like to present a more graphical approach too: Shopify created a great waterfall page including animations of key figures, maps, charts, icons and even a timeline for their 2013 in Review page.


Additionally, I also like the Shell reporting centre a lot, because it brings together the Annual Report, the Sustainability Report and the Investors’ Handbook. This page is a perfect starting point for all readers and a great orientation page within Shell’s reporting strategy.

Background videos

Landsvirkjun uses background videos on their landing page of the Environmental report for the second year in a row now, which is a great way to tell a story and show what the company is about. This year the landing page is also a waterfall page including more big images, sliders and an interactive graphic explaining the monitoring and control of environmental factors.


Materiality matrix

We have already presented the Geberit materiality matrix in this lab (see: Interactive materiality matrix). Deutsche Telekom has a very interesting approach too. On each section landing page they show the relevance of topics which are of interest for that section and include links to more detailed information.

Stakeholder dialogue

How can we enhance stakeholder communication? This is a question we hear quite often. ARC has an interesting approach to add stakeholder views to their 2014 sustainability report. At first glance, this page looks like a dynamic twitter feed page, but is actually a static page where ARC included selected stakeholder responses.


This page would be the perfect place for stakeholder interaction, however the possibility to get in touch with ARC is missing. Nestlé, for example, makes the interaction happen easier with a direct contact opportunity on their ASK Nestlé page.


Infographics are perfect to simplify complex information and make it comprehensible at a glance. Migros created lots of infographics for their sustainability pages, e.g. the example below shows what the differences between LEDs and light bulbs are and how they influence power usage, energy costs, etc.

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