Holcim fully-fledged in three weeks.

If you are used to visionary thinking and bold moves, you believe that everything is possible: Right ahead of their merger with Lafarge the Swiss Building Materials Group Holcim approached us to find out how fast nexxar can implement a fully-fledged HTML Annual Report.

Holcim HTML Annual Report 2014

Our first call with the “potential” client took place on February 10, 2015. Three weeks later on March 4, 2015 we pushed live the HTML microsite containing 360 sub pages in two languages. Although we are well-known for our swift and lean process management, this short time frame was only achievable due to a high dose of client trust, clear responsibilities and a strict time management on all sides. While the initial creative had been designed within 4 days we already started with setup, coding and configuration of tools. To not compromise on quality and essential sign-offs our availability had to be extended into evenings and weekends. Sticking to our proven implementation script together with a very experienced project team was key to accomplish this goal.

However, this Annual Report offers more than just a swift turnaround time. The navigation and content concept works fully responsive to best display the report messages on different digital devices from smartphone and tablet to desktop. Graphs and images are embedded as Scaleable Vector Graphics (SVG) to ensure best quality regardless what resolution they are displayed in – including iPad retina displays!

HTML implementation of magazine - Solutions tailor-made.

The well thought user journey includes the magazine “Solutions. Tailor-Made.”, customised chapter entry pages as well as an interactive charting tool. The balanced use of “TheSans” web-font on text and “Tahoma” system-font on table information enhances overall design experience and ensures readability. With accessibility W3C-A compliance and page specific key words, users find their way easily within as well as to the report via search engines. Content specific related links and a find-as-you-type search completes this tailored tool-set.

Key project data: 360 HTML pages, 330 excel spreadsheets, 260 images and graphs; Implementation in two languages (German and English); Main features: Responsive design, Chart Generator, Related links, Find-as-you-type search, accessibility, SEO, Excel downloads


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