Go-live time (6)

nexxar’s log on published reports.

Last issue of this year’s “go-live time” series! The “high reporting season” is pretty much over although obviously there will be a few more reports coming up. Not to the same extent that we experienced over the last few months though. In the end it has sure been a tough season but every bit as exciting and rewarding as always!

April 27

Merck – Corporate Responsibility Report 2017

For this year’s report the storytelling part revolves around the theme of “stakeholder dialogue”. In each of the three stories, a Merck employee and a stakeholder discuss specific focus areas. Especially for the online report the dialogues are presented to the users as if they were an interactive WhatsApp chat, meaning as the reader scrolls down there will be chat bubbles popping up, participants will send each other messages, pictures and videos — and will of course share links. But not only that – readers can go as far as to decide what the next topic of the chat will be! On top of that we have come up with a superb online report with great ease of use that’s extremely intuitive and engaging.

April 27

KION – Sustainability Report 2017

“Response and Responsibility” is the title. For this year’s KION’s online Sustainability Report we have made a huge effort to help KION thoroughly describe all the progress that has been made in the reporting period regarding sustainable business practices. To this end we have come up with a very eye-pleasing, informative and user-friendly report with superb navigation and fairly to-the-point. The landing page looks inviting and welcoming with a touching foreword teaser from the CEO on how trust and hard work are deeply intertwined.

Text: Daniel Gallar


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