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nexxar’s log on published reports.

Easter “break” is over… and a few more online reports have been successfully published! Instead of chasing Easter eggs we’ve been very focused and the results speak for themselves. The high reporting season will come to an end soon and we’ll be left with that weird feeling of self-accomplishment but also oddly enough missing the current hustle and bustle!

March 28

HHLA – Annual Report 2017

HHLA is one of our Online First clients. A few years back the port and transport logistics group set a new focus on digital reporting. The report content is primarily conceived for the display and use on screen and the PDF is generated directly from our CMS. The overall “look and feel” of the 2017 Annual Report remains similar although we have added an online-only magazine, an eye-catching loop video on the landing page as well as a self-produced CEO video. This year we also added a lot of moving images and animations in the magazine section. The magazine itself features a clickable graphic and some engaging imagery with historical and as well as new pictures shown comparatively. Overall usability has been further enhanced with an updated service bar and icons so that users will find the services easier and quicker.

March 28

ABB – Sustainability Report 2017

This year yet again we have been entrusted with the task of doing ABB’s Sustainability Report. Right off the bat on the landing page we can see those elements twisting, slithering and somehow building up on the screen – which immediately captures the reader’s attention. In the Overview section we can find a very snazzy and interactive SDG wheel that’s impossible not to interact with! When you click on the red buttons you will get the option to read interesting and compelling case studies connected to these SDGs. Other appealing appealing features would be our responsible sourcing video, the interactive key figures as well as plenty of animated graphics and icons throughout.

March 29

Shell – Annual Report 2017

Shell is one of our longest-standing clients for a reason. Year in year out we have strengthened our partnership with them creating pioneering online reports that have set trends for others to follow. This year we have further expanded on last year’s smart approach. The landing page for instance looks particularly inviting, cool and ample. As a novelty we proudly present the interactive board page which is highly informative as well. Overall this year’s report is extremely accessible and full of superb navigation features to keep readers engaged and enhance the orientation. As usual, the report also includes key features like our chart generator.

April 4

Solvay – Annual Integrated Report 2017

Belgian chemical giants Solvay first joined forces with nexxar for their Annual Integrated Report 2016 following our Online First approach. For this year’s report we came up with plenty of design updates and a more image-vivid and colourful overall feel that makes the report more welcoming from the word go. A new and very special highlight in this report is the “stakeholder perspectives“, which includes the personal stories of employees, customers or investors – all interwoven in the overview chapter – which creates a holistic understanding of Solvay’s business. On top of that there are additional interactive features which will make navigation a lot smoother and intuitive. Key features like our chart generator are yet again a definitive highlight of course.


April 9

Shell – Sustainability Report 2017

Once again Shell decided to build their Sustainability Report using nexxar’s Online First approach. This solution puts the digital version at the very centre of content creation. Concept and design are focused on optimizing content for screen devices, taking into account their specific needs in terms of format, contrast, interactivity and accessibility. This year we improved the Design and Usability concept of the report. The report includes a lot of interactive graphics, an interactive SDG overview and a very user-friendly GRI index.

April 12

UNIQA – Annual Report 2017

This year for the first time we went for animated text and graphic elements. The results speak for themselves as the report becomes a lot more vivid and the overall feel quite matches the “spot on” motto of the report. To this end, it has a “to the point”, straightforward approach that makes it excellent in terms of ease of use and navigation. Also the CEO teaser on the landing page has turned out really smart too with a James Bond feel to it and making a very intelligent use of the “spot” itself!

April 16

Bilfinger – Sustainability Report 2017

Our new client Bilfinger decided to publish their Sustainability Report online only. In terms of approach they like to orientate themselves to the principle of materiality for the implementation of their sustainability activities – which also defines the structure itself of the report. Another definite highlight is the inclusion of their “projects” within the content in the form of grey boxes – making the pages more engaging and interesting. The teasers are also on the landing page are also noteworthy with a bit of a hover effect. The magazine stories in turn are a great read with a good personal touch.

April 18

VIG – Annual Report 2017

This year’s VIG Annual Report comes with an impressive landing page that’ll surely catch everyone’s attention with all the countries forming a very vivid and colourful “puzzle-like” animation. From a content perspective there is a very insightful interview with the managing board that brilliantly encapsulates some of the milestones achieved plus the way forward for the organization. As usual, for VIG we have created an online Annual Report with a very clean and intuitive design and exceptional ease of navigation.

Text: Daniel Gallar


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