Go-live time 2019/3.

nexxar’s log on published reports.

Mar 11

Clariant Integrated Report 2018

With this year’s Integrated Report Clariant pushes the concept of Integrated Reporting even further. The materiality assessment represents the basis for the report concept. Clariant asked their own experts and stakeholders key questions concerning most material topics of the Materiality Matrix.

Also innovative: The report can be explored along three thematic “focus routes“. They shed light on value creation from the perspective of the Group as well as the Business Areas along the main threads of innovation, customer experience, and operational excellence, providing shortcuts between the respective parts of the report.

Mar 12

Volkswagen Annual Report 2018

Volkswagen is one of our most loyal clients. This year’s motto of the Annual Report ist “Full speed ahead to the future”. The report impresses with an over-all modern design using soft colours and restyled content pages.  It also offers key features like our interactive chart generator.

Mar 13

Essity Annual and Sustainability Report 2018

With a refreshed landing page, Essity’s Annual and Sustainability Report 2018 sees the light of day providing a quick overview on the business developments and serving as a clear guidance throughout the report. Just like the interactive Infografik “Vision and Mission” that can also be used as a navigation tool to targets and strategies.

Mar 14

LLB Annual Report 2018

The Annual Report 2018 of Liechtensteinische Landesbank impresses with appealing, screen-wide animations on the landing page and the story pages. A prominent search section on the landing page invites users to directly navigate into the report. This year’s magazine carries the motto “Growth is the future” and is visually based on the concept of the “golden number”. Videos enrich the attractive magazine, with subtitles improving the accessability.

Swiss Re Reports 2018

Swiss Re is incorporating the Business Report, the Financial Report and the CR Report – all three of them accessible via the Reporting Home. Via a smart tab system within the header the user can easily switch between the reports. The Business Report is enriched with infografics, videos and pictures. The Financial Report includes features like “compare to last year” or the interactive key figure comparision. The CR Report has an attractive landing page including screen-wide, luminous pictures with a parallax effect.

Mar 15

Sandvik Annual Report 2018

Engineering group Sandvik is the latest addition to our excellent client portfolio and our second client in Sweden. The Annual Report 2018 combines Sandvik´s clear and simplistic webdesign with nexxar’s advanced toolset like find-as-you-type search, GRI backlinking index, interactive charting and engaging video content.