Go-live time 2019/1.

nexxar’s log on published reports.

It’s high season for reporting experts! Since end of January we have already published seven online reports. And of course there will be quite a few more to come within the next few days and weeks…

Jan 30

Novartis Annual Review 2018

Our new client Novartis has kicked off our report season 2019. On January 30, the Swiss company published the Annual Review 2018. For the first time, the report also appears as an interactive version. The digital report impresses with a story section, a modern UX concept and clear information design.

Feb 21

Telekom Annual Report 2018

“What are you looking for?”. This is the question proposed on the landing page of the new digital Annual Report of Deutsche Telekom . Stakeholders should find the information they need as quickly as possible. The report has a clear focus on information design and web-specific content presentation. We have also introduced a new feature in the digital report: The sticky table header.

Feb 25

Covestro Annual Report 2018

Covestro AG is one of our new clients of this year’s reporting season. The landing page of the Annual Report impresses with a colourful animation also serving as key visual of the report and at the same time referring to the topic of the multimedia-based journal “together”. Each story focuses on various aspects related to making the world a better place. The online report include a GRI supplement – a separate report covering sustainability topics. An overall inspiring report with a generous and colourful design worth discovering.

Feb 26

BASF Integrated Report 2018

This year’s Integrated Report of BASF stands out with an appealing landing page incorporating animations, clear teaser sections and full-width videos of the management presented in a video-slider. A core element of the report is the newly designed and interactive Value Creation Model (IIRC) optimized for screen and mobile use. Additionally, a video animation explains the value creation process.

Feb 27

Bayer Integrated Report 2018

Bayer thinks digital – by implementing a user-focused concept and customizable features. The Quick Finder and a Smart Save function both allow the user to personalize their report. Additionally, Bayer has chosen for the first time to focus solely on the online version of the report, doing away with the need for a printed version. The magazine integrates strong pictures and engaging videos. Overall users will find a high level of interactivity and navigability in this year’s report.

Feb 28

UCB Integrated Report 2018

On the occasion of UCB’s 90th anniversary the pharma company publishes an Integrated Report for the first time. Also new this year: the report is published with our Online First (OF) approach. UCB transparently reports on the relevant SDGs and emphasizes the material aspects. Moreover the company presents its meaningful impact on clients, employees and society throughout the report.

Feb 28

KION Group Annual Report 2018

KION is one of our most loyal and long-lasting clients. The Annual Report 2018 is a clearly structured, user-friendly report following the motto “Digital and Beyond”. KION uses our interactive key figure comparison that allows users to visualize the corporate performance indicators.