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Design is in the details and this year we had the chance to rebuild the entire Legal & General Corporate Responsibility Report from the ground up, focusing on usability and features such as the materiality matrix.

Legal & General Corporate Responsibility Report 2014

Our long-standing relationship with the Legal & General Corporate Responsibility team in the UK enabled us to take this year’s report to the next level. From the moment the website is loaded the user can see the visual impact we have made with a full screen image and the ability to launch straight into the ‘fast read’ by purely scrolling. The responsive mode of the website is a real success and works particularly well to enhance user experience for the iPad and other mobile devices.

The re-design of this year’s report gave us the opportunity to look at how a user navigates through a report and what requirements are necessary to aid this journey. We built a new drop-down menu system that works in a similar way to the Apple finder menu, loading up to fourth level menu items. The feature that sets this apart from other incarnations is the introduction of visual teasers that take you to various parts of the website.

We also knew from previous experience that the search feature and the downloading of the PDF and collecting of files is an important factor for users of the Legal & General digital report, so the design always had this in mind from the beginning. We use a clear search function that takes advantage of the entire width and height of the main menu, this gave us the chance to create a really striking ‘find as you type’ layer that takes it’s inspiration from notepaper.

Legal & General Corporate Responsibility Report 2014

Online story telling

Another important feature was the online storytelling and we knew that there would be numerous photos for each page. The design process took this into account and used large header images, full screen chapter opener pages, specially designed case studies with icons and video integration.

This year was also a leap forward with the aid of our skilled technicians at nexxar. The dawn of the materiality matrix is upon us and used to great effect in the interactive version we created for this year’s report. It really gets across the bigger picture of how Legal & General think in all the core areas of business. From the online version we were also able to create a very successful print-ready version for the PDF. Lastly, the report hit all the target requirements for GRI 4.0, which helped further the message that the Corporate Responsibility mantra is about being open and transparent in business.

Online first approach

We carefully thought about the Online First process in the early stages and produced a state of the art PDF version that is automatically created from the online version.

Notable features include:

  • Full bleed chapter entry pages
  • Two-column text layout
  • Quote styles
  • Print ready graphs and tables from an SVG source


Pages from our automated PDF process

Legal & General Corporate Responsibility Report 2014 - PDF

Fast read designed in-house for the Legal & General AGM meeting in May

Legal & General Corporate Responsibility Report 2014 - Fast Read


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