Stop IE11 now.

Stop supporting the IE11 browser.

Internet Explorer 11 was released back in 2013 and if you want to support this browser it effectively means that this outdated technology dictates the whole process of report development: There are limitations in concept, design and programming. Often ways to work around certain issues must be found. Testing and bug fixes consume a lot of time. Even if we are used to it, it has become very frustrating to deal with.

It works just fine without

How do well-known websites and web applications deal with IE11 support? Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Apple no longer support IE11. Microsoft already cancelled IE11 support for “Teams” at the end of November 2020 and will cancel it for “Office 365” in August 2021 as well – and doing that, they do not wish to exclude anyone! Instead of IE11, users are free to use modern browsers such as Firefox, Chrome or Microsoft Edge on all current Windows versions.

“But according to statistics, we have 10% IE11 users”

As mentioned, these users have the possibility to view your report with a variety of other browsers. If you urge them to stop using IE11, you will eventually end up doing them a favor. Modern browsers are more secure and there is a recommendation stated from Microsoft that IE11 should only be used for sites that absolutely require it.

“In our company IE11 is the standard browser”

Often companies still stick to using IE11 because some company applications only work with IE11. And because users are reluctant to switch between different types of browsers, it therefore ends up becoming the standard browser. But Microsoft has come up with a solution for this: In the Microsoft Edge Browser the IE mode can be activated for special pages. This eliminates the need to jump between two browsers and the user can use one of them to securely access all websites. Please talk to your system administrator!

“Okay, let’s stop supporting IE11!”

We are certainly grateful and wish to thank you from the depths of our heart. We are happy if we have the chance to use modern web technology and can therefore design your report in the best way possible. If the report is called up with IE11, we will display a corresponding note.

Foto: pexels