Speeding up.

ProSiebenSat1 Annual Report 2020.

The media industry is undergoing a rapid digital transformation. ProSiebenSat.1 has positioned itself for the future, the new strategy is in place and key milestones have been set to take the company forward. To reflect this dynamic in the annual report, nexxar was entrusted with developing a new concept and design.

Accelerate Design

Speeding up. “The motto is program – within the company and consequently also in the Annual Report 2020”, summarizes Jennifer Frasl, who accompanies ProSiebenSat.1 as nexxar’s project manager. That’s why the new report also shines in a new design, which is above all: bold. Characterized by red and black, it stands for agility and striving forward, for consistency and determination. The new key visual also reflects this dynamic. Based on the play button on the remote control or online videos, it forms a “fast forward” in a look that reminds us of neon tubes. It is used either animated as in the stage animation on the landing page, to structure photos or in small design elements such as the highlighting of quotes. It is also adopted and animated in the social media assets for report communication. In this way, the presentation of key figures also becomes a visual highlight.

CEO Podcast

CEO videos are a suitable online format for personally addressing stakeholders in addition to the CEO letter. ProSiebenSat.1 has additionally produced a podcast with the management team (language: DE). The format can serve as a best practice example and be a less complex and less costly alternative to the CEO video. Very convincing!

Purposeful interactivity

The report presents the new group strategy and the entertainment strategy in two interactive infographics. “It was a conscious decision to convey this central content interactively”, explains Jennifer. “On the one hand, we highlight important content visually by making it stand out from the text, thus moving it to the center of attention. On the other hand, we can cluster content and allow users to discover it on their own.”

The infographic on the entertainment strategy also serves as a navigation tool. It links the cornerstones of the strategy with several interviews with members of the management team. This is a clever and very digital solution to provide users with additional – and personalized – background information.

Other new features this year include a well-structured burger menu, an updated responsive chart generator and a sticky related links button on the magazine pages that suggests complementary content to the user. The button pulsates and invites to click. The topics lead not only to other report pages, but also to specific sections with the help of anchor links. This helps to provide further information for those users which would like to dive deeper into a specific subject.