Responsive Online Reports. Three special cases.

Many special cases of mobile optimisation require new approaches in online reporting. Here are three examples.


Tables are an essential component of annual and sustainability reports. At the same time, their implementation on smartphones presents a major challenge: reducing the size of a table to the relevant browser size might make them illegible. Figures must be prevented from wrapping to the next line and redesigning a table is not an option, due to extensive legal implications. In a consistently designed report, the size of a table is therefore only reduced to a certain extent, thus ensuring that figures do not wrap to the next line. Where there is not enough space for the table contents, a slide function is activated which allows users to move the relevant table back and forth with their fingers.

Example: Volkswagen Online Annual Report 2013 – Balance Sheet


The complex structure of online reports is the exact reason why the navigation menu of a mobile version requires a good deal of thought. For certain display sizes, the standard navigation menu is replaced with a special mobile menu. Since smartphones are navigated with one’s fingers, the clicking areas must be as large as possible. In addition to the main menu, it is recommended to include a flat-navigation (“go to next page”), allowing smartphone users to browse certain parts of a report quickly and easily. An additional breadcrumb navigation allows users at any time to easily see which part of the report they are currently browsing.

Example: Linde Online Annual Report 2013


Some additional features enhance the usability of a mobile report. This includes, for example, a smartphone-optimised search function, the Previous Year Comparison, videos or cross-linking of contents. Layer glossaries, print functions (for wireless printers) and the mobile-optimised Download Manager can also be regarded as an asset for mobile users. The most innovative feature for Responsive Design reports is, without doubt, a Java Scriptbased Chart Generator which allows users to create their own interactive overview of key figures on their smartphones.


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