Progress beyond.

In 2019, Ilham Kadri took over the chairmanship of the globally active chemical group Solvay. One of her first steps was to consolidate the company‘s goals and strengths into a corporate purpose. To this end, all possible stakeholder groups were surveyed: 13,000 people took part in an online survey, and a further 3,000 were interviewed in 288 „listening sessions“.

The result was the first condensed purpose in the history of the 157-year-old company from Brussels. The Annual Report 2019 is one of the first comprehensive publications to bring the Purpose to life visually and tells the story of its origins. In addition to the mandatory section, which summarizes all the business figures, a 100-page magazine has been created that illustrates the Purpose and the achievements of the company in all its facets. The completely re-designed report is published in English, French and Dutch. Based on the PDF design, all contents and additional online-only content were published in the corresponding online annual report.

The online report

The online version of the annual report brings the design-determining purpose to life with animations and lots of colour.








The PDF report

The report is also available in all three languages as PDF. It consists of a 100-page magazine and the mandatory part. The report was printed in a shortened version.