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nexxar’s log on published reports.

It’s that time of year… it’s go-live time here at nexxar! Since exactly one week ago we have already published a whopping five online annual reports. And of course there will be quite a few more to come within the next few days and weeks! No rest for the wicked as they say – let alone at nexxar. We live and breathe online reporting.

Feb 22

UCB – Sustainability Report 2017

UCB put their trust in us once again for their Sustainability Report and we have proudly delivered the goods. After starting with us last year using our Online On Top approach, for their 2017 SR report UCB decided to switch to our Online First (OF) approach in pursuit of a more collaborative approach among all teams involved. OF creates a perfect platform for this since all content is prepared and intended for onscreen display and then channeled into all different formats. The report emphasizes the material aspects and is a nice example of how to connect these topics throughout the report. This year we also wanted to place a special focus on navigability and changed the top navigation to a well-structured burger menu.

Through our report it is strategically proven how our clients of UCB make a positive and meaningful impact on their clients, our people and society. The final result speaks for itself.

UCB Sustainability Report

Feb 26

Clariant – Integrated Report 2017

Clariant are one of those valued clients that make us excel and push our own boundaries. The core of 2017 Integrated Report is the business model and the company’s value creation. An elaborated infographic shows the complex process and transparently reports on the figures – supplemented by detailed descriptions and case studies. The design constitutes a statement in itself – it is bold, strikingly minimalistic, consequently black and white and uses numbers as stylistic elements. In general, it is a brilliant demonstration of the concept with a holistic, interconnected approach on integrated reporting by creating cross-links between related topics.

Feb 27

BASF – Annual Report 2017

When you talk BASF you’re talking about the largest chemical producer in the world. While a daunting task at first – every single year we consistently exceed their expectations when we create their Online Annual Report. The landing page now incorporates appealing animations and videos. The design followed a corporate design update and now appears smart, crisp and bright. The report is another nice example of an interactive presentation of the value creation and business model and it shows how our GRI backlinking tool adds additional value to the users’ overview. Please take a good long look at the flow of information within the report and you’ll see how we have outdone ourselves on this one!

Feb 28

Bayer –Annual Report 2017

No introduction needed, Bayer is a client with really high quality standards we have always met year in and year out. This year was particularly challenging for us as we developed a consequently user-focused concept. The result is by any standard spectacular with a very strong emphasis on customizing the report content. In short: with the help of a quick finder and a save function the user can personalize the report and come back to the individualized landing page at any time. Bayer sets on a strong storytelling approach with the integration of engaging videos and pictures. Also, the whole project entailed a new corporate design and now shines in an up-to-date visual supported by little animations. Overall readers will enjoy a new level of interactivity and navigability that will surely have them spend more time on the report.

March 1

KION –Annual Report 2017

Needless to say, with a title like “Response and Responsibility” for KION’s new Annual Report one can tell it has been a key year for this German organization and, appropriately, our online report had to convincingly honour this feeling, capturing the great momentum. The report is very fact-oriented, eye-pleasing and informative with a particular emphasis on ease of navigation. We are particularly proud of the new landing page with animated charts. On top of that for the first time we included on the landing page  a video from the CEO and a new “look and feel”. At nexxar we are delighted to help KION reach so many people through our online reports.

Text: Daniel Gallar


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