Design Summary: Clariant Integrated Report 2019

Clariant is one of the world’s leading specialty chemical companies. For the Integrated Report 2019, the visual analogy of a radar was used to review their position in all the areas they are active in. They explore trends that can guide their progress and examine new developments that show up on their radar. The report shows where they stand today and where they want to go from here regarding the most material topics of their Materiality Matrix.

Realization method: Online on top
Technologies: Interactive graphics, interactive key figure comparison, focus routes as alternative navigation



Interactive graphics

Interactive graphics enable the clear and comprehensible presentation of complex contexts.



The interactive materiality matrix provides an overview of material and most material topics. It also guides the user to the relevant pages within the report as well as specific cases.



Magazine: Aesthetic and focused

The design of the magazine, like that of the entire report, is puristic – it allows the user to concentrate on the deeply elaborated information.






Focus routes

In addition to the main navigation, the focus routes allows the user to follow a topic-focused navigation and get all the information that is spread throughout the report on that topic.